The Rearview Mirror


Saturday's solar eclipse is chained to the Libra South Node and opposite the Aries North Node. This is the relationship axis.  Aries rules how we pursue our individual desires, and Libra how we partner with others. The nodes are karmic; collectively, we face the light and shadows of both sides of the see-saw. Join me for a free webinar on Sunday, October 22, to learn more about the Zodiac Signs as Mirrors.   Sign up for the Astrology Foundations 101 waitlist to dive even deeper into astrology. Class begins on Sunday, October 29.

Pioneering, courageous, competitive, and independent Aries energies are celebrated.  Its shadows are violence, impulsivity, and rudeness. Libra's archetype is diplomatic, peaceful, friendly, and cultured.  Passive-aggressive, fence-sitting, and people-pleasing behaviors are the low road traits.

Eclipse season brings sweeping change, and this one is exceptionally potent.  Bernadette Brady says the Saros 7S family has immense power, anger, and force. On the bright side, obstacles may clear quickly.  However, others will experience a rapidly developing crisis that requires immediate attention. The last cycle in 2005 coincided with Hurricane Katrina and the Bali nightclub bombings. The three biggest stories we already know are:

  • Congressman Matt Gaetz ousted the Speaker Kevin McCarthy, a fellow Republican and colleague. The House of Representatives is paralyzed and unable to do the people's business until he is replaced. A government shutdown next month is a possibility. 
  • Thousands are dead after an earthquake in Afghanistan.
  • Israel declared war against Hamas after a sadistic terrorist attack. They cut off water, power, and food to civilians in Gaza, creating a humanitarian crisis. I recorded a YouTube video about the astrology of the event. Relationships are fracturing in response as some take sides. Keep your eye on college campuses. Smartypants Mercury is opposite Chiron, the wounded healer, in fiery Aries.  A group of Harvard students wrote a letter blaming Israel for the Hamas attack.  In retaliation, a group of CEOs have requested their names on Twitter so that they never hire them. Some of the students were doxxed with a truck driving around, displaying their names and faces. A Stanford lecturer was suspended for allegedly making Jewish students identify themselves and then stand in the corner and branding them as colonizers. With the malefics Mars in Cancer and Saturn in Scorpio in flowing trine, I would not be surprised if the lack of civility leads to violence.

 Eclipses are portals that bring awareness If you are partnered, do you need to curb any patterns that lead to disharmony and unhappiness?  This lunation dialogues with Uranus, the great awakener and chain breaker. If you need a mediator, consider therapy to illuminate the shadows and open the door to healing.  Some long-term relationships will end abruptly. People in unexpected transition may need some grace. If single, harness bravery.  A hello or smile could change your life. You can purchase the replay of the Solar Eclipse Workshop to dive deeper. 

The astrology of the next few years is chaotic as we are in a period of massive social and collective transformation signaled by Chaos agent Pluto's entry into Aquarius. I am reading an advance copy of  Stress Less, Managing Anxiety in a Modern World by Noa Belling.  She is an award-winning, brilliant mind-body psychologist. It is a fantastic resource. 

Some prompts for journaling, oracle cards, or contemplation:

❤️ What is one long-range goal to bring more authenticity to my relationships? How will I measure success at the first quarter Libra Moon on July 13, 2023?

⚖️ What tools will assist me to stay balanced despite the chaos in the world?

💌 Write a love note to myself as a healing exercise.

🎵 The song of the Solar Eclipse is Brave by Sara Bareilles.

Listen to the Celestial Insights podcast for additional information about the energetic forecast. If you have any eclipse stories you want to share, reply to this email and let me know. 







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