Easing into 2023

Happy Holidays! I am back from my trip and feeling refreshed. It was beautiful to see the night sky clearly in Mexico, especially watching the Full Moon passes over Mars Rx in Gemini. I discussed several stories related to this lunation on Instagram. However, the clearest one involves international politics, with two martial figures taking flights home. Brittney Griner, the basketball player, imprisoned in a Russian penal colony for having cannabis in her luggage, was swapped for an arms dealer nicknamed the Merchant of Death. Astrology is often literal.

  • Mars rules athletic competition and weapons
  • Gemini rules the hands (basketball), merchants, and air transportation
  • Retrogrades bring reversals (prison sentence revoked)
  • The Moon rules home

The earth sign of Capricorn rules ambition, responsibility, and success. The sea goat has the persistence and determination to keep going despite setbacks. I suggest focusing on your top goals for 2023 and slowly building an action plan. The...

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