Easing into 2023

Happy Holidays! I am back from my trip and feeling refreshed. It was beautiful to see the night sky clearly in Mexico, especially watching the Full Moon passes over Mars Rx in Gemini. I discussed several stories related to this lunation on Instagram. However, the clearest one involves international politics, with two martial figures taking flights home. Brittney Griner, the basketball player, imprisoned in a Russian penal colony for having cannabis in her luggage, was swapped for an arms dealer nicknamed the Merchant of Death. Astrology is often literal.

  • Mars rules athletic competition and weapons
  • Gemini rules the hands (basketball), merchants, and air transportation
  • Retrogrades bring reversals (prison sentence revoked)
  • The Moon rules home

The earth sign of Capricorn rules ambition, responsibility, and success. The sea goat has the persistence and determination to keep going despite setbacks. I suggest focusing on your top goals for 2023 and slowly building an action plan. The New Moon squares expansive and optimistic Jupiter - use the momentum to have a positive outlook. Mercury, ruler of communication and thought processes, will hit the reverse pedal from December 29 to January 18. Remember, retrogrades require slowing down as they coincide with problems, delays, and reversals. Activities done in haste will likely have disappointing results. I consider this a gift inviting us to ease into the new year. Discipline is another Capricorn keyword. I will kick off 2023 with a dry January and another round of ProLon, the 5-day fast-mimicking diet. Use coupon code CELESTE10 if you want to join me starting January 2. I love it! The cellular cleanup accelerated my metabolism after years of sluggishness. I lost 20 pounds but have put 5 back on, so it's time to get serious.

Some prompts for journaling, oracle cards, or contemplation:

🥅 Consider your legacy. What do you want to achieve by the first quarter Moon on September 22? Be specific about how you will measure success.

🧳 How can you lighten your load? Are there responsibilities that you have outgrown or can delegate?

♄ Do you have a healthy relationship with discipline? What changes are needed?

🕊️ Create a mantra to hype yourself up when you face obstacles or setbacks.

The last direct hit of the transformational USA Pluto return is on December 28. I discuss it in detail on the Christmas Day episode of the Celestial Insights podcast. Subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts. If you love it, I appreciate reviews. They help it find a larger audience.

The new Intention Setting E-book includes all of the lunations for 2023. Download here.




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