A Room Without a Roof

If I had to pick a favorite, it might just be this fire sign. When the Moon enters Sagittarius, I often notice my mood improve and optimistic thoughts dancing through my mind. It makes sense as Jupiter—the planet of expansion, abundance, and luck—rules this sign. Fire inspires and motivates. Sagittarius energy produces constant seekers who love foreign experiences of the mind and body. This lunation invites a release of limited thinking and dreaming beyond what you thought was possible. Neptune—the planet of delusions and illusions—can aid in the flight of fantasy. Use Saturn's influence to ground yourself in the practical.

The three personal planets are chilling at home, expressing their energies easily from June 13th to the 22nd! Mercury in Gemini enables clear thinking, Venus in Taurus connects us to life's pleasures, and Mars in Aries brings confidence to pursue our goals. Use this momentum to alchemize imagination into manifestation. The Celestial...

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