Learning how to decode your natal chart puts you in the driver's seat of your life

Astrology is a tool for self-discovery. Understanding how to translate your soul's blueprint will transform your life and relationships in beautiful ways.

Are you motivated to make soul-centered decisions that bring happiness, security, and forward motion? If so, enroll in Astrology Foundations 101 today.


 Astrology Foundations 101

Read your natal chart, empower your life 

Your birth chart is the ultimate selfie that unlocks the mysteries of your personality, strengths, weaknesses, and subconscious motivations. It is also a clock that helps identify the timing of opportunities and co-create the life you want. Understanding your inner wiring will help you pivot from seeking outside validation to trusting your wisdom.  

By the end of this six-week course, you will read your natal chart with confidence.  You will gain a new perspective to make more conscious decisions, improve personal relationships, and harness opportunities in sync with your natural cycles.

This class is right for you if you see life as a growth journey, desire to live more joyfully, and the opportunity to develop a deeper connection with yourself excites you. Whether you are:


✔️ Introspective and wanting to understand your talents and blindspots to live life with more self-awareness.

✔️ Passionate about improving your relationships with others to live a more harmonious life.

✔️  Spiritual and desiring to understand your purpose and elevate your consciousness.

✔️ Yearning for illumination to start breaking self-defeating repetitive patterns.

✔️ Growth-oriented and wanting to add new skills to help yourself and others.

Astrology Foundations 101


Join this class to learn how to interpret your natal chart and use astrology to map your life. You will learn about the building blocks of astrology and receive an introduction to chart synthesis. This interactive, six-week class is taught live on Zoom and includes optional assignments. Classes will last approximately 2 hours.



Move from feeling that life happens to you to understanding how it happens for you.

Learning astrology is fun and insightful. Celeste designed this program to give you a solid technical foundation in astrology whether you want to use it live a more meaningful life or become a professional astrologer.  

Maria Sofia Marmanides

Astrologer, Tarot Reader and Author

"Celeste has an uncanny ability to translate the language of the stars and bring it down to earth. She is a natural teacher who brings warmth, compassion, and humor to her presentations, as well as offering up historical and contemporary examples of astrology in action. Even as a professional astrologer myself, I found so much value in taking one of Celeste’s previous courses, as it only deepened my knowledge and appreciation for her gifts. I highly recommend beginning your astrological journey with someone as wise and witty as Celeste Brooks."  

Ashley Cooper


"Celeste's knowledge is unmatched and she delivers it in a way that just makes sense. I can not tell you how many aha moments I have had under her guidance. She uniquely connects with her students, both building community and inspiring individual growth. Working with Celeste, and listening to how she breaks down the very complex language of astrology has helped me grow more confident and assured in my own practice, as well as better convey information to my clients. If you want to learn in a practical and supportive way, Celeste is the teacher for you!"  

Message from Celeste about this course

Hello! I am so excited to guide you as you connect to your celestial blueprint.

Learning astrology transformed my life in so many beautiful ways. I am connected to my inner wisdom in new ways and manifested early retirement. 

Astrology is the language of compassion. Understanding the astrological signature of yourself and your loved ones will unlock a well of compassion. You will come away from this course with a new perspective on your ability to sync with the natural cycles of your life and experience new levels of fulfillment and abundance.

Should you decide to accept the invitation to explore your natal promise, I am honored to be your guide and cannot wait for the exploration to begin.



Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions to consider before making your investment:


Beth W.

Tuscon, AZ

"Celeste has such great insight, knowledge and wisdom. She has a way of teaching that's very grounded, clear and understandable. The connections I've made through her has carrying on well beyond our class. Highly recommend." 

Behroze Gandhy

UK, Isle of Wright

"I’ve been following and studying with at least a dozen astrologers online, and I have to say that Celeste has the greatest patience in clarifying all the questions that arise. 

Celeste also has the most infectious energy and enthusiasm in sharing her knowledge.

Kimberly G.

San Diego, CA

"Celeste has a brilliant mind and knows so many different ways to use Astrology as a tool to understand what makes a person tick. I've had many readings over the years and Celeste has told me things no other Astrologer has brought to my attention about myself. Her teaching style is practical, grounded, and easy to understand. She's intuitive, playful, and makes learning Astrology fun.

Whether it's a personal reading or taking an Astrology class, you will receive many insights and see yourself through a different lens."