Manifest the Dream

Apologies for my lateness and brevity as my sister unexpectedly visited me for a few days. A surprise gift! Thank you, Jupiter Uranus sextile. I hope you enjoy the mystical magic of Pisces season. Commit to a regular connection to your intuition. Investigate the liminal spaces—the in-between.

Two weeks ago, the Leo Full Moon brought each of us to a crossroads. Now, we move forward and make decisions that have long-range consequences. I love that this New Moon at 12º Pisces activated Jupiter, the benevolent teacher. The Venus and Mars activation of Pluto in Capricorn can provide strength, determination, and grit. How can you keep the faith that your dreams are possible despite the turbulence? Outline the steps to manifest your goals and then do it. Keep your commitments to yourself. Slow down as the call is for steady, consistent progress, not speed—one foot in front of the other.

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