Time to Go

I love the rhythmic nature of the astrology cycles.  The cosmos invites us to evolve, and the lunar nodes are teachers. They travel backward through the zodiac for 18 months. Since May 2020, the Gemini/ Sagittarius axis of information has been in the limelight.  The collective work of integrating new ideas leading into the release of entrenched thinking ends soon.  On Saturday, December 18, 8:35 pm PT, the final  2021 Full Moon debuts. It is the last one in the Mercury-ruled air sign of Gemini before the North Node moves into Venus-ruled Taurus to spotlight our resources and values. Are there nagging self-limiting stories that you want to release?  Well, Venus in Capricorn will assist! She stations for her retrograde on the day of this lunation.

From December 19 until January 29, she will dance backward in heels. Venusian topics for review, reassessment, and revision include our money, values, and relationships. This tango promises intensity as her partner...

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