The Starting Line

The Aries Equinox is a gateway into the light. Once we cross, the balance changes; there are more hours of light than dark. It is why it is the first sign of the zodiac year. It is a birthing of sorts. Can you feel the fire? Watch how others change. People move faster, assert themselves more forcefully and feel an internal push to accomplish something.

The New Moon at 11º Aries on March 31 at 11:24 pm PT is the most potent of the year. Carve out time to set intentions. Despite the chaos of the world around us, life goes on. Use this extra energy to accelerate manifesting your dreams.

Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of drive, assertion, and action. Be mindful of an impulsive and primal urge to take action. Remember to look before you leap to avoid regrets and relationship breakdowns. Will Smith’s Oscar scandal was astrology in action. He was experiencing difficult transits. After an impeccable public image for decades, he will deal with the shame and consequences of an...

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