Dangerous Beauty

Eclipse season is underway, and the lunar eclipse on Friday, November 19 at 27º Taurus brings textbook intensity.  Do your best to be rested, calm, and centered because passionate Mars in Scorpio opposes chaos-loving Uranus. With oppositions, it is easy to swing one way or the other rather than achieve balance.  Unexpected outbursts of anger are possible. The energy will last through American Thanksgiving.  Avoid impulsivity! Be present so your family’s holiday does not end in tears, hurt feelings, or broken dishes. Scorpio season calls for shadow work. How can you love yourself and others' flaws and all? If possible, focus on gratitude and forgiveness rather than vengeance.

Another source of intensity is the Moon’s conjunction with feared fixed star Algol.  In Greek mythology, this star is Medusa’s severed head.  She was the feared Gorgon with snakes for hair whose visage was a weapon.  One look and you turned to stone. Scorpio...

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