Into the Deep

It's time to plunge into the dark deep. Watery Scorpio's energy is intense, probing, and passionate. Traveling into the heart of darkness and investigating the shadows is the work. The sign rules sexuality, death, and taboo subjects. The Sun, Moon, and Venus intertwine their cosmic limbs at this amplified New Moon. Over the next month, people may fall in love or be stunned by betrayal. Expect lots of shocks and awe. For years I joked about desiring a meet-cute at the grocery store. Guess what I manifested last week! We shall see how this love story unfolds. 

Eclipses are a time of fated events. Our lives great beginnings and endings typically occur when they excite our natal chart. They are portals that pull us forward. We go through a door, and when we look behind us, there is a wall. You may already know your story, as events can occur weeks before the actual lunation. We need to clear space to allow a new beginning. Are you holding onto something that has passed its...

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