Running with Scissors

Happy Full Moon in Cancer! Our lunar teacher sits on her throne at maximum wattage. The Moon rules this sign that governs home, family, and feelings. Some will be extra emotional and tender. Notice sentiments of nostalgia, longing, self-pity, and regret. Understand that water signs are mute; sometimes, it is hard to put emotions into words. Treat yourself and others gently. Use the illumination to consider how insecurity, rejection fears, and safety desires motivate your actions.

This lunation is a perfect time to explore your tender psyche and what sets off emotional reactions within you. Venus in investigative Scorpio is in a smooth trine with sensitive Neptune. You may have uncomfortable revelations about your behavior in relationships. Our shadows help us grow. Communicative Mercury is retrograde and conjunct warlord Mars in expansive Sagittarius. Notice what you decide to stop doing. Mars rules sharp instruments, and Mercury rules the hands. Don’t run with scissors,...

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