Get Organized!

We need a break and, finally, have a cosmic one. There is a hidden network of support to manage the evolutionary change of the year, duty-bound Saturn vs. revolutionary Uranus. On Monday, September 6 at 5:51 pm, the luminaries are in a soft trine aspect to Uranus, providing emotional help for required changes. They biquintile Saturn exactly. This minor yet mighty aspect is a grace note enabling unexpected pathways to success.

Mutable Virgo energy encourages incremental changes to improve things. We call it nitpicking when in shadow, but that may be needed if you hold on tight to the structures that no longer serve you.

Empress Venus, on her Libra throne, is also a star of this show. She is holding hands with the asteroid Vesta, guardian of the home and community. Alliances of all kinds are in focus. In particular, the relationship of women vs. the state as the most restrictive abortion law went into effect this week. This Virgo New Moon is an ideal time to organize and plan a...

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