Growing Your Garden

It is time to manifest!  This fertile New Moon includes ingredients to create, nurture and grow abundance. Asteroid Midas is in the spotlight! What will you turn to gold? Set intentions for wealth creation.  Saturn crystallizes results from hard work and is having a sweet conversation with the karmic North Node.  There is support for your path forward.  It’s a nice change after the pushback over the last few weeks, where many were left feeling frustrated, blocked, or stifled.

My favorite aspect of the year occurs during the New Moon phase of this cycle. Venus and Mars, the yin and the yang of joy creation, are embracing at 19º Leo on July 13.  A new cycle begins for each of us regarding creativity. It is time to bring fun, joy, and pleasure into your life. Don’t forget, it's the Summer of Love.  Bring sexy back and get your flirt on.

I added a new feature and picked an oracle card for each sign during my video. Enjoy my insights on...

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