Ready, Set, Goal!

Happy New Year! This year starts with a supportive flash of lightning in a bottle. Genius creating Uranus offers support to your big dreams for 2022. Our challenge will be to keep momentum when we face Saturnian setbacks. The last Saturn Uranus square on Christmas eve was a doozy.   The Omicron variant brought chaos to the holiday season. As anticipated, structures have broken down unexpectedly:

  • Staffing shortages led to thousands of flights cancellations.
  • The shelves are empty of needed home tests.
  • Lines for COVID testing wrapped around buildings.
  • Hospitals are filling up.
  • Holiday events and New Year’s Eve parties were canceled.

The good news is that the square is separating. We will eventually begin to see relief until late summer, when the square begins to tighten again. The USA midterm elections will be a doozy.

There are exciting transits to anticipate. Jupiter and Neptune are both at home and will meet at 24º Pisces on April 12. I am excited about art,...

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