Truth Heals

Apologies for being late with the blog.  I have been tangled in the transits and Mercury retrograde delays. I am honored and delighted to present Moon Mastery™ for the Organization of Professional Astrology (OPA) Retreat in Park City, Utah, from Oct 16 -21. The early bird pricing was extended until May 15.  It is going to be a phenomenal event. Each track is limited to nine people; if you know you want to study with me or one of the other astrologers, don’t hesitate to register.

I could write for hours about all the Apr 20th Jupiter-Uranus conjunction events, but I will focus on a few.  These aspects do not happen in a vacuum. On April 19th, persuasive Venus and communicative Mercury retrograde met in fiery Aries. Together, they collaborate and negotiate. On April 20, the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction at 21 Taurus arrived. Jupiter rules wealth, aid, legal affairs, college campuses, horses, and celebrities.  Uranus rules aviation, revolts, reversals, and...

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