Do you feel the pressure increasing? The current energy reminds me of the Spike Lee Joint, Do the Right Thing. It is sweltering and tempers are simmering. We are on the precipice of a seemingly preventable but inevitable tectonic shift. Uranus, the great awakener and bringer of sudden events, will meet the karmic North Node at 18 Taurus on July 31. The next day Mars, the planet of action, passion, conflict, and anger, will collide with them both. Abrupt and unexpected change is possible. Consider watching the movie with this transit in mind. Fearless with Jeff Bridges and Rosie Perez is another. Several of my clients already know their stories. Do you? Which house is it in your chart? What planets is the triple conjunction aspecting? Will you hit a figurative jackpot, or will it feel more like a fender bender? If you want my quick insights, use my new feature, Ask Me Anything! I will tape a short video for you.

Events will make big news, whether by natural or man-made...

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