Getting Clear on Your Vision

Full Moon at 29º Aquarius

Sunday, August 22, 2021, 5:01 am PT

This summer was bountiful but bumpy.  Did you have frustrating delays and unexpected changes on your path forward? Feisty Leo opposes Aquarius and squares Taurus.  One by one, the planetary parade of Mars, Venus, Mercury, and the Sun traveled into the heart of the lion. Each first faced off with Saturnian brick walls, and then from our blind spots came the Uranian curveballs.

I originally planned to launch the next round of the Moon Mastery™ program in September. However, I decided to delay until the beginning of 2022.  My focus for the rest of the year is on deepening my knowledge of horary astrology. The 20-week class comes with 8 hours per week of homework. In addition, I am supporting my clients with readings and teaching a class for one of my mentors. My plate is too full. I did not retire from corporate to stress myself out in other ways.  First came the aha moment and then, the...

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