Embracing the Unexpected

Apologies for the late newsletter. I am thankful for the abundance, but my workload overwhelmed me over the last month. The next week is a time of release. When the Sun enters the sign of Aries on March 19, it starts the astrological year. When you cast a chart in a nation's capital, you can forecast upcoming events for the country. I am teaching a free webinar for Kepler College on March 23 about the Aries Ingress 2024: The Fortunes of a Nation. The Transits Class for Kepler begins on April 6. There are limited seats, so enroll now if you want to take the class.

My work is changing in surprising ways. I am getting clearer psychic downloads. My progressed ascendant moved into Virgo, and it is bringing the details. Stories are coming. It is absolutely wild. I am on a Fool's journey of new beginnings. With an Aries Moon, I jumped in and made predictions on Threads. Aries energy encourages us to take calculated risks, be brave, and pioneer new paths. I am making my own map,...

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