A Call for Joy!


The Wolf Moon in Leo perfects on Jan 28th. At the Full Moon, our luminaries oppose each other. They are the maximum distance apart, and able to view each other fully. We are called to find a balance between the energies. The Sun represents our essence and the Moon what we need to be nurtured. Humans are social animals, we need each other to survive. The Sun in airy Aquarius encourages us to nurture the connection to our friends, community, and the collective. The Moon in the fiery Leo reminds us to never lose the inner child. Our souls need to create joy and pleasure so that we may thrive.

The Sabian Symbol for this juicy Full Moon in Leo is Early Morning Dew Salutes the Sunlight. It is so fitting that we have a four-planet parade in the sign of Aquarius, the eccentric air sign with the symbology of the water bearer. The early morning is a time of hope and new beginnings. We emerge from the dark and to the fresh air. Here we can find our inner wisdom.

Our lights are each having a...

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