Wash Me Clean

I am pleased to report that my trip back east to visit high school friends was joyful and soul-nourishing. We fell back into step as though we had not been apart for decades. So far, positive new beginnings were delivered as promised by the solar eclipse in my 11th house of good fortune. However, the lunar eclipse at 25º Scorpio on May 15th at 9:13pm PT is a time for release, and it is intense.

Watery Scorpio never does anything light or easy. This sign initiates growth by traveling into the heart of darkness. The Phoenix promises transformation and pushes our psyches in uncomfortable ways. I am facing my shadows through my dreams. Uncomfortable topics around self-worth and intimacy that I thought healed have resurfaced—Mercury retrogrades during the eclipse and treads over old ground. The way forward is through the shadows of the past.

Lunar eclipses shed light on darkness. Be prepared for unearthed secrets in the collective and potentially your own life. The Taurus Sun is spotlighting Algol, the head of the beast. The most feared fixed star is associated with catastrophic events and figurative beheadings. The leaked Supreme Court opinion to overturn Roe v Wade is the big story tethered to both eclipses. Algol also speaks to things men fear about women. A woman with autonomy is threatening to weak men. Jupiter in Aries square Ceres in Cancer is an aspect closely related to the opinion. Jupiter rules lawyers, and Ceres is the asteroid related to nurturing and motherhood. Squares are tense aspects; the Justices intend to sever the ability of independent women to make decisions about their readiness to be mothers through government control.

Check out my discussion with Colin Bedell of Queer Cosmos about this eclipse here.

This lunation invites us to explore our shadows and revisit the parts of our psyche we would rather disown. Can you sit with the discomfort and do the review? It truly is for our higher good. I suggest reflecting on Sunday, the day of the eclipse. Turn on some soothing music. Dance to it like no one is watching, and let these intense waters wash over you. High road Scorpio energy is the Healer. Saturn squares the luminaries during this eclipse, so know that transits are temporary if you feel alone, adrift, or face hardship. Many people are at a crossroads. Don’t rush decisions. Choose carefully. Reach out for help to a loved one or a mental health professional if you need it.

Think back to the start of this lunar gestational family; the Scorpio New Moon from November 2020. Is there a story that is unfolding for you?

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With love and light,


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