The Grounding

How are you? Life at Astrology by Celeste has been a whirlwind! The Aries New Moon brought the revelation that I was ready to take off the platinum handcuffs and retire from my corporate career to follow my spiritual calling full time. My word of the year is fearless, and I realized it was the only thing holding me back. Did you have any insights? If you need the energy to make changes, use this New Moon in Taurus to tap into your inner power, grab some grit and make lasting changes for your highest good.

Taurus is an earth sign which calls for slowing down and savoring sensual delights. I must confess to having spent too many meals over the past year eating while working or completing chores. Carving out time to savor meals is one of my intentions. Electronic free meal times may have the kids whining for families but will offer a chance for a deeper connection.

One caution is to avoid old, familiar fights about family history. Instead, use the energy to free yourself from the past and start the healing process. The Sabian Symbol calls bravery, ignoring the noise, staying above the fray, and having perspective. Keep the greater good in focus and pick your battles.

The winged messenger and the love goddess are kvetching in chatty Gemini. This combo provides the language and the tactics to magnetize our game. Ask for what you want as a closed mouth does not get fed. Check out my video discussing how to maximize this energy here.

This lunation also officially kicks off eclipse season, which frankly is already here. Eclipses are turning points where the only choice is to move forward. A new door opens, and when you look back, there is only a wall. This summer is going to be a bumpy ride with two eclipses and the second Saturn Uranus square. Use the stable and grounding energy of the Taurus Moon to get centered, healthy, and rested for the whirlwind to come. Book a reading to gain insight on your karmic call for change.

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