The Bright Side of Chaos

Astrology always astonishes me with the divine timing of events. I accepted an invitation to discuss how astrology can assist with understanding and managing grief a few months ago. Our conversation was this week. Bonnie Gonzalez is doing the work of the angels by helping people move through devastating losses. Her Facebook page is Your Doula for Grief. You can view our conversation here. 

The high road energy of Aquarius is friendly, community-minded, and focused on individual freedoms. There is a desire to topple old, outmoded structures and replace them with new egalitarian ones. On the low road, pessimism and a detachment from emotions can lead to withdrawal or outlandish behavior. Saturn traditionally rules this fixed air sign. The planetary Grim Reaper governs loss, grief, loneliness, and depression. This lunation will activate its ruler and may stir up feelings of separateness and anxiety. Stay present with your emotions and use healthy tools like dance, conscious breathing, or meditation to calm your nervous system.  

There is a bright side. Uranus is also activated, encouraging us to break free of self-limiting restraints and pursue what lights us up. Beyonce's album Renaissance is an example of someone discarding restrictions. This Virgo is a detail-oriented perfectionist, but she let herself have some fun! The Full Moon is skipping with the dolphin star Sualocin. Also, beautiful Venus enters Leo. Connecting with others for play is a fantastic way to shake off the doldrums. Aquarius is a sign of extremes. Some will be in the throes of agony and others in ecstasy. Be gentle with people. 

 This lunation is potent. I created a Full Moon Forecast series with an in-depth video and ones for each zodiac sign. I had a blast discussing the astrology of current events and the romantic aspects of this Full Moon. It includes a 3 card oracle reading for each sign. The investment is $12.  

Aquarius is an air sign. I suggest documenting your experience with words. Prompts for journaling, oracle card spreads, and contemplation: 

✨ Reflect on the New Moon in Aquarius of Feb 2021. Have I made progress in breaking free of restrictions that no longer serve me? 

😨 What is my relationship with conformity vs. individualism? How do I dim my light to belong? 

🔥 How can I be more supportive of any friends experiencing difficulties? 

🎵 The song of the Full Moon is Break my Soul by Beyonce.  

Listen to the Celestial Insights podcast for additional thoughts on this topic.   

With love and light,  






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