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Wow, eclipse season was fast, bountiful, and sadly tragic. In line with the relationship expanding Venus Jupiter conjunction, Sweden and Finland submitted their bid to join NATO. In addition, an awe-inspiring number of engagement announcements amped up the joy. Congratulations to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Jessica Szohr, Sofia Ritchie, Marc Anthony, and Kat Williams! Did you make any new alliances? On a sad note, the baby formula crisis made headlines. Ceres, the asteroid of parenting, was at the karmic, last degree of newsmaker Gemini and semisquare chaotic Uranus in resource ruling Taurus. Many eyes are watching Johnny Depp and Amber Heard expose their dirty secrets during the public defamation trial. The laundry is literally dirty – on-brand for the Scorpio lunar eclipse.

There were three mass shootings after this intense full moon during which the feared fixed star Algol at 26º Taurus was activated. Since ancient times, astrologers have documented the correlation between its excitation and violent catastrophes. Discussions about the similarity between the Sandy Hook and Uvalde school shootings are not surprising. It was eclipse season on that tragic day in Newtown and the South Node was on Algol. Will our leaders finally take action to address this uniquely American problem directly related to the abundance of guns? Only if we, the people, vote and demand it!

The airy Gemini New Moon on May 30 is ablaze. After many heady and plodding months, we finally get a good dose of exhilarating fire. Action-oriented Mars is at home in Aries and receives a burst of adrenaline from its temporary direct report, expansive Jupiter. The air and fire combination may turn you into an idea factory. Be confident and optimistic as you set intentions and execute your plan methodically. Check your smoke detectors and handle knives with care. Avoid impulsivity and unnecessary conflict.

During the week of the lunation, Mercury sits atop 26 Taurus conjunct Algol as it slows to a stop before turning direct on June 3. At the same time, limit-loving Saturn is stuck at 25 Aquarius as it prepares for the annual retrograde from June 4 – Oct 23. Use the square for realistic and purposeful planning. Avoid pessimism and frustration; it is a temporary transit. Don’t break down, breakthrough! Elon Musk put his bid to purchase Twitter on hold when unexpected information on the prevalence of bots on the platform arose. Reversals and delays are Mercury retrograde trademarks. Will he decide to move the sale forward when the winged messenger goes direct? We shall see. Have you experienced unexpected setbacks during this time?

Flexibility is key. A suggested mantra for this cycle is to be like a Willow tree, bending but never breaking when in the eye of the storm.

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