Partner Swap


I am in Borrego Springs, CA, this week under a dark sky in the desert. Getting away from the stressors of city life is a blessing.  My nervous system is relaxed, my sleep is deeper and my dreams are vivid. I lectured on the Moon Phase Families for the Astro-Bash conference and completed my first Peer Group with the Organization for Professional Astrology (OPA). What a joy to connect with other astrologers to share how we do our work, learn from each other, and receive constructive feedback. I aim to finish my OPA certification by the time Saturn, the planet of hard work, legacy, and achievement, reaches my midheaven (MC). The MC is the pinnacle of our natal chart.  My MC is in Aries, and this Full Moon is lighting up my career house. High road Aries is a pioneer who inspires others to take calculated risks for self-actualization.

My peer group challenged me to stop delaying my Foundations of Astrology 101 class and launch a beta version this fall. Perfectionism is my comfort zone and nemesis with a South Node in Virgo. I have been crafting the curriculum for years, and it's launch time. If you want to learn astrology from the ground up with me, join the waitlist. You will be the first to know when registration opens and have an opportunity for special pricing. I will teach this six-week class on Sundays starting October 29 at 10 a.m. PT. 

At the full moon, Venus in Leo makes its final of three squares with Uranus, the great awakener. The third square is the psychological integration of the retrograde cycle. Which experiences surprised, delighted, disappointed, or shocked you about love, money, relationships, beauty, values, or self-esteem since June 4th?  Take some time to be still and contemplate your soul lessons. Pull a tarot or oracle card for insight if you struggle for an answer. I am sending a virtual hug to all who are experiencing upheaval. Many of my clients realize they can not continue as is and are considering separation from a job, partner, or self-sabotaging pattern. Consider an astrology reading if you need help navigating a critical life decision. 

 Be spontaneous this weekend and do something fun.  Do you want to spend time with your partner, alone, or get out with friends?  Fiery Aries is courageous, passionate, independent, and confident. The Full Moon invites you to focus on your needs and invite autonomy into your relationship. If single and desiring connection, get out of the house. Your life can change with a hello.

We are in eclipse season, a time of great beginnings and endings. The solar eclipse on October 14 is in Libra, the sign that governs relationships. Consider if you need a partner swap.  Do you need to release people pleasing for assertiveness?  What would happen if you exchanged agreeableness for clearly articulating your needs? It may seem scary, but releasing codependence and engaging in activities you enjoy solo may bring unexpected joy. Consider what changes could bring growth related to balancing your needs with your partner, BFF, and other significant relationships. Join the Solar Eclipse Workshop if you want to dive deep into this karmic turning point. 

Shadow Aries's energies are impulsivity, selfishness, and combativeness.  Be prepared, as unexpected aggression may surface over the next week. I suggest walking away from unnecessary drama.  Pick your battles. It is eclipse season, and with the North Node transiting Aries, we will hear tragic stories about conflicts that spiral out of control.  Some people's experiences offer a learning opportunity for the rest of us.  Don't let it be you. 

Happy Full Moon! I appreciate you and am honored that you find my work of value. I love sharing cosmic insights with individuals, organizations, and teams, so please don't hesitate to share my information or recommend me as a speaker. My email is c[email protected].








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