Keeping it Simple

The Taurus New Moon invites us to slow down, get embodied, and focus on the practical. This is a much-needed shift after a super intense eclipse season. I encourage you to focus on one or two intentions about what you want to bring to fruition.  Taurus, being a fixed earth sign, encourages us to focus on what is sustainable over time. This lunation is conjunct Uranus, promising awakenings, sudden events, surprises, and reversals.  Can you be flexible and wear the world loosely? To dive deeper into these insights, you can now purchase the recording of the New Moon workshop.

As a faculty member for the Organization of Professional Astrology retreat in Park City, Utah, I am thrilled to invite you to this transformative event, which will take place from October 16 to 21. The early bird pricing has been extended until May 15, offering you a unique opportunity to join at a discounted rate. I will be teaching a Moon Mastery™ intensive, a session that promises to deepen your understanding of lunar influences.  

For the USA, the New Moon, set in Washington, DC, is in the fifth house of children, ammunition, supplies, recreation, art galleries, and parties.  Graduations at USC and Columbia University were canceled due to the ongoing protests against the war in Gaza. Students want divestment from Israel and the public calls for a ceasefire. They are winning concessions at some colleges, including Brown and Rutgers.

Joe Biden said that the protests are not impacting his decisions about Israel.  The Jupiter (higher education) Uranus (upheaval/ uprising) in Taurus (resources) conjunction was in his 6th house of burdens and feeling unappreciated was opposite his Mercury in the 12th house of self-undoing and anguish of the mind.  He has a Virgo MC (career) so Mercury rules his job. This week, it was announced that the USA is delaying sending bombs to Israel because of concerns they would be used in densely populated Rafah.  The Taurus (resources) Sun (authority) sextile Saturn (delay, limit) in Pisces was Monday. Perhaps the protests are having an impact despite the claims they are not.

For Israel, the feared fixed star of catastrophe Algol at 26° Taurus is rising at the New Moon. The lunation is in the 12th house of secret enemies, self-undoing, and alienation. With transit Uranus conjunct, the ascendant expects the unexpected. Perhaps the Israeli government will reverse its decision to launch a ground invasion into Rafah. However, Mars in Aries is approaching a conjunction with the amplifying North Node on the 19th.  There is easy access to increasing violence and war. Listen to the Celestial Insights podcast for more information on how the astrology may unfold on the personal and collective level.

I am absolutely in love with Letao Wang’s new deck, Oracle of the Mythic Heroes. The link is to my Amazon storefront.  If you would like to learn more about the connection of Greco-Roman figures with astrology, I highly recommend it.  Check out my video pulling cards from the deck.

 Use these prompts for journaling, a tarot/ oracle card spread or contemplation:

🥅 Consider your financial goals. What results do you want by the first quarter Moon on February 5? Be specific about how you will measure success.

🎈 Do you have a healthy, balanced sense of self-worth? Or is comparisonitis a deep wound?

🤔 Where are you stuck? What changes do you know are needed but procrastinate on making?

🎵 The song of the lunation is Royals by Lorde

 Come for an astrology reading if you want to unpack your eclipse season with me.

Happy New Moon,



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