Healing the Heart


My view of astrology is that the planetary patterns do not cause anything; they reflect what is happening here on Earth. As above, so below. Part of my work is being an astrological correspondent, explaining what happened and indicating what may come next. I do this for the news and my clients with my work.

While the solar eclipse is exciting for many, there are challenging transits. Any hesitation, do not go. If you travel to see it, be prepared for delays, reversals, and cellular breakdowns. Storms may be worse than expected with Mars and Saturn conjunct in watery Pisces. I suggest you have plenty of food, water, and a fully charged cell phone, and don't let your gas tank get below half full. Consider bringing adult diapers. I am kidding, but not really.

This eclipse is conjunct Chiron, the wounded healer. For insight into healing the wound based on your natal chart, join the solar eclipse workshop on Sunday. Also, Aries rules the eyes, if you look at the eclipse make sure you have the proper glasses or eye damage could be the result. I am concerned about scammers selling fake ones to make a buck with the Mars Saturn conjunction in deceptive Pisces. Criminal's actions may cause long-term hardship for some. Join Sunday’s solar eclipse workshop to learn more. If you can not make it live, you will receive the recording.

Mercury retrograde is famous for miscalculations, communication mixups, transportation problems, and tactical fails. Themes include delays, reversals, disagreements, and the collapse of anything contemplated. On April 1, the IDF attacked three World Central Kitchen aid trucks in Gaza. The organization cleared the route. Their vehicles are marked with brightly colored logos. The IDF shot the trucks one by one. It was not an accidental strike.

The Israeli government claims it was a misidentification ( Mercury retrograde). They killed seven aid workers, including British and US citizens. Venus (gifts), Mars (attacks) and Saturn (dead) in Pisces (charity). The organization suspended aid for safety reasons, and 200K tons of supplies were shipped back to Cyprus—Mercury retrograde – reversal and the collapse of what was contemplated. The world is outraged by the humanitarian crisis and this horrific act of violence against aid workers. Sun in Aries, a spotlight on war and violence conjunct Chiron, the wounded healer (aid workers).

This tragedy is also aligned with the Jupiter (abundance, aid) and Uranus (shocking event leads to a break) conjunction in Taurus (resources). President Biden called for a ceasefire and stated that conditions would be put on aid if Israel did not protect civilians and aid workers during a call with Netanyahu with Venus at 29° Pisces. Both this planet and sign rule peace. The last degree is one of crisis and decay. Will the Jupiter Uranus conjunction on April 20 bring a delay, conditions, or cancellation of the proposed sale of fighter jets to Israel? The US and Biden are Sagittarius risings, and Jupiter rules their charts. Uranus governs aviation.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. The high road is pioneering, confident, independent, and willing to take risks without a clearly defined outcome. Shadow energies are impulsive, tactless, rude, and selfish.

Use these prompts for contemplation, journaling, or oracle/ tarot card spreads:

🥅 Consider your biggest goal for self-improvement. What results do you want by the first quarter Moon on December 8? Be specific about how you will measure success.

🎈 How can you cultivate more authenticity to show up as your true self?

🤔 Have a courageous conversation with a loved one and acknowledge your soul wound.

🎵 The song of the lunation is Bodyguard by Beyonce.

Take good care of yourselves,



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