Grace through Faith


Do you feel like you are going to float away? The Sun, Moon, Neptune and Venus are in the watery Pisces during this New Moon on Saturday, March 13. After the Aquarius pile-up from last month, it feels like we fell out of the hot air balloon and into the Ocean. I suggest not fighting the current, let yourself float. It is an emotional time, just feel your feels and acknowledge them. Work on staying grounded. The only planets in earth signs are subterranean Pluto and Uranus, provider of electric shock treatments. It is not exactly a stable surface to which to ground. Do the best you can and trust your inner wisdom to show you the way. Meditation is the perfect medicine.

Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac and ruled by Neptune, the planet of intuition, compassion, and spiritual love. The lovely Venus is a special guest when she meets the fish. This Moon cycle is one of completion. It was a year ago that the world shut down. We start a new zodiac year when the Sun moves into Aries on March 20th.

The Sabian symbol calls for us to consider our interactions with our friends and family through this time. Whether we live with others or not, we all experienced transformation of our relationships. If needed, use the lovely energy of Venus and Neptune to put on rose-colored glasses. See the beauty in the times we had together. The recipe for your Moon ritual tea calls for a dash of grace, half a cup of compassion and a pound of forgiveness.

This Pisces New Moon offers grace notes and healing energy. We can heal old wounds and begin healthy habits. All the planets are in forward motion so use them to create new beauty in your life. Pull an Oracle card and/or journal for intuitive guidance. Suggested questions are below.

How will I bring more beauty into my life?

What is calling for forgiveness?

What should I leave behind as I prepare to start a new cycle?

Be prepared for unexpected surprises. If your chart was activated by the solar eclipse, you are getting a jolt. Have faith that what comes is for your highest good.

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