Mar 26


Horary Technique,
The Magic of the Hour

Friday March 26, 4pm PST

by Astrology by Celeste and Maria Sofia Astrology
Join with your favorite beverage in hand

About this Event

MAR 26


Virtual Happy Hour + Horary Technique, The Magic of the Hour

by Astrology by Celeste, Virtual Happy Hour Events

Join Celeste and Maria of Maria Sofia Astrology for a fun virtual Happy Hour and get your question answered! Celeste is an intuitive astrologer who just plain fun to hang out with. Her group sessions are entertaining and her advice is practical and actionable.

Maria Sofia is a Greek-American astrologer, Tarot reader and intuitive who specializes in mundane, horary and electional astrological techniques. As a lifelong student of the stars, she has been studying spirituality and divination for 20 years. Maria has received certification in horary astrology from The School of Traditional Astrology and has consulting skills certification from ISAR. You can find Maria on social media at @mariasofia_astro and on her website

About this FREE Event

Horary Astrology is a fascinating technique where the querent asks a question and the astrologer draws a chart to ascertain the answer. Maria Sofia will discuss the technique and answer submitted questions.

Your question should be:

  • Time sensitive – it should be pressing.
  • Personal - you have a legitimate need to know.
  • Not devastating - Tread carefully, make sure you want to know the answer!!!
  • Yes/  No questions are the bomb.
  • Lost item questions are the shiznit.


Astrology by Celeste offers personal readings, coaching, group events, and classes to guide people to higher levels of fulfillment. Celeste is an Astrologer, Intuitive, and Success Coach. Astrology made an appearance in Celeste’s journey and, like a mirror’s reflection, it changed her life. Celeste discovered a deeper understanding of herself, connected on a more authentic level with loved ones and found her purpose. As a Cancer rising, working with the cycles of the Moon has a beneficial impact on her life. Now, Celeste packages her approach to the esoteric science as Moon Mastery™ to help others succeed. Applying her professional sales and business experience with her astrological knowledge, she helps people expand their lives, ignite their passion, and find their purpose. More at

Date and Time

Fri, March 26, 2021

4:00 PM – 5:00 PM PST



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Astrology by Celeste

Organizer of Happy Hour + Free Astrology Reading - Mar 26