AstrologyBytes Podcast Appearance

Are you moving through Mercury Retrograde season with minor frustrations, a few fun anecdotes, and no catastrophes? The official ending is Oct 18, but we are still in the shadow period until Nov 2.

Be aware that ghosts may continue returning from the past. Fingers crossed its friendly Casper and not someone reminiscent of an Edgar Allan Poe novel. Electronic issues also can still pop up, and secrets especially may be revealed. I am looking forward to the winged messenger entering Scorpio for the first time!

On the bright side, you may feel a motivational push forward now that achievement-loving Saturn is in direct motion and gaining speed each day!

Secondary progression is a forecasting technique that advances the natal chart into the future and provides insights into potential life developments. It is a day for a year technique. Astrologers focus on the progressed Moon because she moves the fastest at 1 degree per month and changes signs every 2.5 years.  She illuminates our emotional evolution through life, and our feelings spur us to act. When my Progressed Moon moved from the airy heights of Aquarius into the mystical waters of Pisces, I suddenly had a bee in my bonnet to start studying Tarot again. I love this system of imagery, symbols, and archetypes. The cards have an astrological correspondence.

One of my favorite readers is Theresa Reed, the Tarot Lady. She is also an astrologer, and it was an honor to join her on her AstrologyBytes podcast to discuss the Progressed Moon. Listen here.

Do you know the zodiac sign and house location of your Progressed Moon? Will she bust a move soon? Is she engaged in conversation with any of your natal planets? Is the 2021 Saturn Uranus square yelling at or ignoring her? Want help decoding her? Book an astrology reading here.

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