Power of Transition Summit

What you believe is core to how your life is created.

I’m thrilled to tell you that I’m one of the featured speakers at the upcoming Power of Transition Summit hosted by Collective Knowing. The Power of Transition Summit is an incredible online virtual event that brings together experts in spirituality, wellness and holistic health from a variety of fields. We hope to help you learn to trust yourself and utilize your unique experiences to create a fulfilling life! In this one-day virtual event, you’ll meet and hear from coaches, body workers, intuitive led business owners and more. It all starts on Friday, June 11th at 8:00 am PST.

Here’s a quick list of our featured speakers:

  • Christie Turley: Chief Marketing Genius at Limelight Alchemy and Author, The Intuition Led Business
  • Lizzi Cutler: Spiritually Sex Educator & Healer
  • Jenny Smith: Breathwork Facilitator & Yoga Breathing Coach
  • Cara Wykowski: Recovering Superwoman & Divine Bad Ass- Mindset Maven & Stylista
  • Tankut Denker: World Class Hugger & Yoga Studio Owner
  • Rebeca Bollinger: Artist, Creator & Facilitator
  • April Zajko: Nature Based Educational Consultant
  • Liz Peterson: Intuitive Healer and Podcast Host of "Raise the Vibe with Liz"
  • Christy Nash: Life Transition Coach
  • Christine Volden: Founder of Collective Knowing & Soulful Selling
  • And myself, Celeste Brooks: Astrologer, Coach & Intuitive

Why should you attend?

This summit is focused on grounded spirituality and alternative wellness practices. Each speaker will share unique perspectives and teachings to support you in your own personal life transition. We all need support when changing and moving forward. Our speakers have a powerful approach in sharing their own knowledge to empower YOU! Get ready to connect, expand & learn new things!

This summit is great for anyone in any stage of life who is looking for support, to learn, or simply to try out a new perspective on the life they lead!

We cannot wait to connect with you and share our stories. Save your seat here.