Yes You Can!

Do you feel the momentum picking up? Get used to it, as this year is going to fly by. The latest Mercury retrograde revelation is that the US Secretary of Defense kept secret an operation to treat prostate cancer. The surgery was on December 22, when Mercury was retrograde. Surgery is ill-advised when Mercury or Mars is moving in reverse motion. Mercury rules the hands and Mars the scalpel. Retrogrades indicate problems, conflicts, reversals, and the collapse of anything contemplated. On January 1, he was re-hospitalized as Mercury turned forward to stomp over its old ground and spill secrets. His urinary tract infection came to light as Mercury in Sagittarius tensely squared Neptune in Pisces. Mercury transports, and Neptune in Pisces weakness dues to infection. Astrology is literal. Will he lose his job for jeopardizing the security of the nation? We shall see if he can survive the first quarter Moon in Aries. This zodiac sign rules the military.

Chaos broke out in Ecuador when a drug lord escaped from prison, and gang members wreaked havoc all over the country. They took over a TV station and interrupted a news broadcast. Mercury rules commerce, including the drug trade and news. Neptune governs disappearing acts and TV. At the same time, warlord Mars was sextile, punishing Saturn. Prison riots broke out. Explosions, burning cars, looting, and other violent actions terrorized the country. Thankfully order is restored. The President declared a 60-state emergency state of emergency. 

 Astrology is a fantastic tool for self-discovery. To harness its maximum potential, you need to know the exact time you were born. I am trained in chart rectification, which back calculates birth times from live events. Check out the YouTube conversation I had with my friend and colleague Tiffany Harelik as I overview the technique and use the chart of Ecuador as an example. If you know anyone who does not know their time but would love to use astrology, please share my information.

The Capricorn New Moon ushers in the New Year with support to plan strategy and overachieve your goals. The energy is practical, resourceful, and disciplined to stay the course despite obstacles and setbacks. What do you want to build? Name it and claim it.  Have confidence that you can take the right action and find the allies to achieve success. I suggest using the expansive energy of this New Moon to plan out your whole year. There is abundant forward motion until April 1, when Mercury does a backflip in Aries. Things will change, but at least you will have the plan outlined. To dive deeper into this lunation, purchase the New Moon in Capricorn Workshop replay. It includes information on this year’s retrogrades, the astrology of the New Moon, and mini-astrology readings that show how the planetary patterns impact people.

Use the prompts below for journaling, oracle card pulls, or contemplation.

✨ What is your stretch goal for legacy building in 2024? How will you measure success at the first quarter Capricorn Moon on October 10, 2024?

🛑 Examine your routines & habits. What do you need to stop doing that is counterproductive?

🔥Create an empowering mantra for support through the highs and lows on the year.

🎵 I Can by Nas

The Celestial Insights podcast provides weekly guidance to help you navigate the energies like a boss. It is available on Apple, Spotify, Audible, Google, Sticher, and more. 

Book an astrology consultation to map out your year. 2024 will bring massive shifts and opportunities to make incredible breakthroughs. Whether you are struggling with a dilemma, experiencing a life transition, or want to maximize the supportive energies, I am here to help.





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