The Quality of Mercury

A few spots remain in the Transits class I am teaching for Kepler College. Class begins on Saturday, April 6. If you know the basics and want to deepen your ability to create a forecast of upcoming events, this class is for you.

There is beautiful energy with Venus exalted on her throne in the compassionate sign of Pisces. Remember, mercy blesses the one who gives and the other who receives it. Venus is separating from an opportunistic sextile to abundant Jupiter to one with Uranus, the Great Awakener. This planet is a wild card. I hope the lunar eclipse surprises bring you joy. 

 Libra rules diplomacy, the arts, culture, marriage, and judicial matters. Lunar Eclipses bring exposure. We already know several of the stories.

  • The US diplomatic crisis with Israel may come to a head soon. The Biden administration warned Israel not to proceed with a military action in Rafah. The eclipse is happening in the public 10th house of the USA natal chart conjunct the MC (government leaders). It is in Israel’s 12th house of self-undoing. Will part of the Jupiter-Uranus conjunct involve the USA limiting its funding or breaking relations with Israel? 
  • A princess is Venus in Pisces in the flesh. The image-shattering doctored picture led Princess Kate to announce her cancer diagnosis on the day Venus met Saturn (chronic illness). It is just tragic.
  • With Mars at the last anaretic degree of 29 Aquarius, there was a terrorist attack at a Russian concert Hall in Russia. It was an attack on masses of people (Aquarius). Over 100 people are dead. Putin blames its open enemy, Ukraine, even though ISIS has claimed responsibility. Mars entered Pisces, and the news discusses a violent event motivated by religion.
  • Donald Trump must pay his $400M judgment or the state of NY may start taking over his properties. His dissolving Neptune at 5° Libra in the second house of finances is being eclipsed.

My Uranus is being eclipsed, and  I am sharing more detailed astrology predictions. Join me on Threads or listen to the Celestial Insights Podcast.

I expect a shocking scandal about infidelity to rock the news. It is part of the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction and the upcoming Mercury retrograde in Aries from Apr 1 -25. Jupiter rules marriage. People associated with this planet include royalty, judges, professors, celebrities, and religious figures. An electronic device will be involved. 

Use these prompts for journaling, tarot/ oracle card spreads, or contemplation.

✨ Where can I exercise more tact and diplomacy? What is my relationship with being authentic and risking disapproval vs. putting on masks of acceptability?

🦁 Write yourself a love letter about your relationship with courage. Recognize your bravery.

👁️‍🗨️ Create a mantra about welcoming endless possibilities for love and abundance into your life.  

🎵 The song of the lunar eclipse is Love is in the Air by John Paul Young





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