The Power of Transition

Can you feel the pull of evolutionary growth?  I am excited and nervous about the changes coming for the collective.  Eclipses are portals.  On June 10, the Moon will cut off the sun’s transmission for 100 minutes. A new channel will broadcast when the light reemerges.  The North Node moved into Gemini in May of 2020.  The karmic invitation is to

🎤 upgrade our communication skills to avoid confusion through clarity

🏘️ build relations within our local communities

👂 listen intently

🏫 learn new skills

It is symbolic that we have our only Solar Eclipse in Gemini of this cycle.  The North Node will not return to this sign of the winged messenger for another 19 years.  We are on the precipice of a new beginning.

The coming changes will be significant as the second Saturn Uranus square of 2021 is on June 14. The first one coincided with the Texas power outages. What will be the unexpected and destructive event? A large-scale communication breakdown, another cyberattack, mass outage, or something else?  The USA might get the long-overdue infrastructure bill or 1/6 commission out of necessity. We shall see what happens.

Personally, we are called to discard old structures that no longer serve us. Mercury, the planet of communication, is retrograde during this lunation.  There are lessons in the past that will facilitate our path into our future.

Delve into your inner wisdom, bring creative projects to life, and connect to the psychic realms during this time.  Pay attention to your dreams because they may be prophetic. To learn more about this lunation, what it means for you, and suggested journal prompts, view the recording here:

I am a featured speaker at the Power of Transition Summit this Friday.  It is going to be a fantastic event with several spiritual thought leaders. Listen to the North Node and come to learn new skills.  My VIP discount code is potvip15cb.

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