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If you celebrate it, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Sagittarius season should be joyful. Jupiter, the planet of abundance and blessings, rules the sign. It was challenging for many as last week included two difficult transits. The Sun and Mars in Sagittarius made tense squares with Saturn in Pisces. The Sun focuses our attention. Mars invokes movement, conflicts, and accidents. Saturn imprisons, delays, and disappoints but brings achievement after hard work.

The biggest story is that there were several rounds of hostages released from Gaza in exchange for a ceasefire, aid to Gaza, and the release of Palestinian prisoners. Sagittarius is associated with freedom. How beautiful to see (Sun) people running (Mars) to their loved ones after a horrific ordeal (Saturn). There were several delays, but they extended the deal extra days. The collaboration enhanced by Venus in Libra is not likely to last. The planet of peace will meet the South Node, a cosmic drain on November 29; the cease-fire currently expires on this day. Venus will also move from her home in Libra, where she can easily do her job into detriment in Scorpio, where she is likely to act in extreme or unbalanced ways on December 4.

Often, Mars square Saturn stories involve violence. These planets are the malefics and take away from life. Mars rules fires and cutting instruments like knives.

  • The cop who murdered George Floyd was stabbed in prison.
  • A man stabbed several children and a teacher in Dublin. Mass pandemonium ensued when 500 people took to the streets against immigration and rioted destructively. They started fires, threw rocks at officers, and looted stores.
  • A man shot three Palestinian students in Vermont in a suspected hate crime.

The Mercury-ruled sign of Gemini asks us to be curious, open to new information and social. Shadow Gemini energy is distracted, anxious, and scattered. At this lunation, it squares Neptune, the planet of illusions and delusions. There is potential for errors, misunderstandings, and confusion. If you are unsure what was said, ask for clarity before jumping to conclusions. Triple-check your emails before hitting. We are in the shadow of Mercury retrograde. It's official: December 12 – January 1. Prepare for reversals, delays, and unexpected tech issues. Use the time productively to reflect on your vision, review your commitments, and reconnect with people.

The Sagittarius Sun shines a light on your beliefs, what you know as truth. Were you challenged at Thanksgiving by someone with a different point of view? Just because someone says something loudly and often does not make it accurate. Consider reading alternative but reputable news sources and journaling to explore your thought processes. Listen to the Celestial Insights podcast to dive deeper into this lunation.

Full Moons bring revelations. Use the promos below for journaling, oracle spreads or contemplation:

✨ This moon phase family started at the New Moon on May 30, 2022, and continued at the first quarter moon of February 27, 2023. Can you see a story?

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