Raising Your Voice

Aries's pioneering, youthful and carefree nature is contagiously hopeful. This feisty and fiery energy leads us to take risks and challenge ourselves. The planet Mars which governs vitality, sexuality, drive, aggression, and anger, rules this sign. This annual lunation invites us to consider how we assert ourselves to meet our needs, especially in our primary relationships. If you let other people's perceptions stop you from conquering new worlds, do some reflection on why. What is driving you to make yourself small?

Evaluate how you react under stress because competition and conflicts will amplify when Mars in Gemini appears to dash backward through the zodiac. A retrograde planet has the potential to cause havoc. The topics it governs will experience delays, reversals, and unexpected returns to previous conditions. The retrograde period from October 30 to January 12 invites us to slow down and reset how we expend our energy.

The fight over women's reproductive rights and privacy are critical topics that will motivate US voters on both sides of the issue during the midterm elections. Be prepared for explosive arguments around voter suppression, fraud, and interference. Voter rolls are being purged. Don't wait; confirm that you are registered to vote now to ensure your voice will be heard!

Use these prompts for contemplation, journaling or oracle/ tarot card spreads:

✨ Reflect on the Libra New Moon of September 25. Am I on track with my relationship goals? What wins will I celebrate?

❤️ Are my needs getting met in my primary relationships? If not, how can I assert myself to negotiate win-win solutions?

🏋🏽‍♀️ What makes me feel powerful?

🎵 The poem of the Full Moon is Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou.

Remember, the Celestial Insights podcast is here to help you prepare for the upcoming energetic shifts.

Scorpio season will be exciting and intense. The Mars retrograde coincides with eclipse season, so expect the unexpected on steroids. I am hosting a free webinar on Sunday, October 16, at noon PT to help you prepare. Bring your birth information if you want a chance for a mini natal chart readings.

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