Moving Mindfully Through the Chaos

The water sign Cancer rules our home, family, and experience of safety and security. Intuition, instincts, and the desire for nurturing are also its domain. Jupiter in Aries tensely interacts with this lunation. The ruler of the truth is transiting the sign of self-assertion. As we enter the last half of the year, assess your wellbeing with radical honesty. How are you dealing with the chaos we are experiencing as a collective? The war in Ukraine, the Buffalo supermarket massacre, and the Uvalde school shooting all unmoored me. Witnessing how the senseless brutality of one person can devastate not just families but communities and countries is destabilizing. Chaos can ensue instantly if a tyrant has access to an army, a mob of angry supporters, or a single weapon.

Did you learn healthy tools to self-soothe from your family or develop them over time? How are you coping with the Chaos? Are you numbing yourself with food, alcohol, social media, shopping, etc.? Do you feel enraged quickly? If so, consider using this lunation for a course correction. Cancer season is the perfect time for scheduling self-care. I started a 21-day Better Mornings! program with Pilates by Mary to help me. I also love the Insight Timer app when I need a short meditation to calm my nervous system.

I suggest you prioritize getting enough sleep, do regular body scans and increase exercise. Moving your body more daily can help your mood. For instance, use the stairs, park farther away or take your dog for an extra lap. Use the guide below to document your plans and keep yourself accountable.


Jupiter also oversees optimism and abundance. Manifesting energy is also available. The theme of this week's Celestial Insight podcast is The Sweet Smell of Success. There are two supportive sextiles active during this lunation. When the planets get sexy with each other, opportunities abound. Venus sextile Jupiter may provide benefits through luck, proximity, or allies. Mars sextile Saturn the internal drive and diligence to do the hard work.

The water signs also oversee our intuition. Consider using an oracle or tarot deck to connect with your subconscious mind. Below are suggested prompts:

If you need help, check out my services page. Consider an astrology reading, horary consultation, or Seasonal Success Coaching package.

With love and light,


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