Lucky Breaks

I hope Eclipse season is treating you well as we navigate unexpected changes. Please give others extra grace, as some are experiencing challenges in relationships, jobs, personal security, and mental health. Despite global chaos, there is a beautiful energy to manifest success. If you want to learn how to read your chart, the Astrology Foundations 101 class starts Sunday. Understanding your soul’s blueprint is empowering. The 6-week class is taught live on Zoom. The cost is $222. Enroll here.

At the lunar eclipse, the luminaries spotlight the axis of pleasure, power, and resources. The Scorpio Sun illuminates the basement of our psyche. Take time to notice what surfaces, especially concerning how you influence others. Do you magnetize, use subtle manipulations, or steamroll others when your passions push you to achieve your desires? The Taurus Moon invites you to consider your relationship with prosperity and sensuality. Review your financial budget. Do you need to adjust how you handle your available resources? Are you having enough healthy pleasure in your life? A dynamic aspect of this lunation is the Mercury-Mars conjunction Scorpio opposite Jupiter in Taurus. 

  • Mercury rules communication, commerce, and transportation.  On a good day, it articulates and negotiates.  Shadow energies argue and destabilize. The winged messenger does not like to swim and has difficulty expressing itself without the ambiguity of emotions underneath. Choose your words carefully and consider journaling your feelings.
  • Mars motivates, achieves, desires, severs, and conquers. It rules fighting and fornication. At home in Scorpio, the planet expresses its energy with ease.  On the high road, this energy has the stamina and determination to stick with challenging tasks to the finish line. It is passionate and sexy. The shadow energy is ego-focused, cruel, and destructive.
  • Jupiter expands, explores, educates, pontificates, philosophizes, and brings luck. In earthy Taurus, land, structures, and finances are in focus. Shadow energy is arrogant, unscrupulous, and excessively pleasure-seeking. It aggrandizes, exaggerates, and is lazy.

The energy is potent and potentially sexy. Extended love-making sessions may be on the menu. Persuasive words and focused efforts can lead to achievement that exceeds your expectations. Parting the ways between others could result in a stroke of luck for someone else. Conflicts over beliefs can quickly become explosive. Notice the increase in profanity you hear or express. There is a strong signature of potential violence, so prioritize safety. Be extra careful with knives. Drive defensively, as many will hit the gas pedal. I am expecting sideshows and drag racing to make headlines. Some stories in the news:

Generosity brings lucky breaks

  • -Missy Elliot donated $50,000 to pay overdue rent for 26 families facing eviction in her home state.
  • - Debt activists bought and canceled $10 Million in student loan debt. Almost 3000 students will benefit.

Angry or mentally ill lone wolves attempt to harm others 

  • An off-duty pilot tried to take down a San Francisco-based flight by turning off the engine and trying to open the door. He faces 80-plus counts of attempted murder.
  • In Maine, a former Army Reserves firearm specialist committed mass murder. People were on lockdown for two days as the police searched for the killer.
  • A suspected terrorist killed a teacher and injured others in a knife attack at a French high school.

Masses people cut off from physical resources and communication 

  • Catastrophic Hurricane Otis destroyed infrastructure in Acapulco.
  • Large swaths of Ghana have power outages due to limited gas supplies (Saturn in Pisces). 
  • Gaza is experiencing an internet and cellular service blackout as a result of the War in Israel.

Military conflicts  

  • A Chinese fighter jet almost collided with an American bomber over the South China Sea.
  • Israeli forces started a new phase of their ground war against Hamas.
  • The US attacked two facilities in Syria linked to Iranian-backed militants.

The stories will continue to unfold over the next several weeks. If you need help unpacking what transpires, want to discuss your soul’s purpose, or plan for the future in sync with the energies, book an astrology consultation.

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