Buckle Up Buttercup!

I was interviewed last year for a Cosmopolitan Magazine article about the astrology of twins. Seeing it published as Venus retrograde in Leo perfected its second of 3 squares with Uranus conjunct my natal Mercury in Taurus was a delight. Venus rules women, Leo celebrities, Mercury magazines, and Uranus fame. If Our Birth Charts Say So Much About Us, Why Am I So Different From My Twin? was published the in a world-famous women's magazine. I was quoted alongside the Astro Twins, celebrity astrologers. Astrology is literal! The first square was July 3. Did you have a surprise event or awakening around relationships, money, values, beauty, or self-esteem? If there was an echo in your life last week on August 8/9, the story might have another event around the final transit on September 29.

The planetary VIP this week and the upcoming New Moon is Uranus which does not follow conventional rules. As per NASA:

Uranus is the only planet whose equator is nearly at a right angle to its orbit.  This unique tilt makes Uranus appear to spin sideways, orbiting the Sun like a rolling ball. Like Venus, it rotates in the opposite direction from the rest of the planets from east to west.

This planet governs innovations, scientific achievements, and brilliant ideas. It also rules revolutions, outlandish behavior, perverse actions, natural disasters, and sudden events that come out of nowhere and cause chaos. This week the Sun in Leo has a tense square, and Mars in Virgo has a smooth trine to Uranus—events in the last 24 hours.

  • The long-awaited Georgia indictments for the attempt to pressure state leaders to overturn the 2020 election were announced. Donald Trump and 18 allies will account (Virgo) for their actions (Mars) in a court of law. Jupiter, the planet which rules the truth, ethics, and laws, is currently on the world point of 15 Taurus.
  • A Montana judge sided with young activists in a landmark climate change (Uranus in Taurus) trial.
  • A gas station in Russia exploded (Mars trine Uranus), killed 35 people, and injured dozens. Neptune in Pisces (gas) is quincunx the South Node (cosmic drain).
  • An explosion in the Dominican Republic at a bakery (Venus Rx) killed at least 12 people. Venus rules sweets.
  • An Alpine stream burst, releasing a mud tsunami (Mars in an earth sign trine Uranus) through Bardonecchia, Italy, sending tourists (Venus rx) and residents running for their lives.
  • An organization filed paperwork to recall the disastrous Alameda County District Attorney, Pamela Price. She is dismissive of crime victims, soft on violent criminals, and allegedly hired her shady boyfriend to a 6 figure role. She is my DA, has made multiple bizarre statements, and needs to go ASAP IMHO.
  • Celebrities Britney Spears and Taryn Manning posted bizarre videos on social media that went viral.

This Leo New Moon will continue to bring the drama for the collective. In your own life, examine how you let your light shine. Uranus is the chain breaker. Set intentions to make necessary changes. It is not the best time to start new projects because we are in Mercury retrograde's shadow (August 23 – September 15). Focus on revising and improving what you have already created. 

Listen to the  Celestial Insights podcast to learn more. If you desire a deeper dive into the astrology and want to know what this lunation means, purchase the New Moon Workshop recording.

Some prompts for journaling, oracle cards, or contemplation:

🏠 Examine your relationship to celebrating achievements. Do you downplay your success or allow your light to shine?

✨ What is your relationship with play and fun? Do you need to lighten up?

🧁 What does your inner child want you to know?

🎵 The song of the lunation is Confident by Demi Lovato.




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