Fired Up!

Eclipse season is to astrologers what tax season is to accountants. There is a never-ending flow of stories highlighting the themes. The headlines now include relationships, values, and economic transformations. The opposition between balance-loving Venus and chain-breaker Uranus was a significant feature of the November 8 lunar eclipse. Venus rules partnerships, love, and desire. What dramatic entrances and exits did you experience? For myself, I canceled my subscription to Hulu because they raised the price yet again. With the Mars retrograde, I am reconsidering how I expended my energy and decided to pull back from an astrology group I was leading. Uranus brings surprises, and I was nominated for the International Society of Astrological Research (ISAR) board. This fantastic organization hosts conferences and provides weekly talks from noteworthy astrologers. If you are a member, please consider voting for me.

I am so proud of my fellow Americans. The Pluto return requires us to assess our values and record numbers voted to support democracy and reproductive rights. Astoundingly, despite a tough economy, the democrats held onto the Senate and barely lost the House. Donald Trump is a Gemini, and Mars Retrograde is trampling through his public 10th House of career, status, and reputation. Foggy Neptune is squaring his Sun. This transit often accompanies a loss of identity, career disappointments, and the failure of risky ventures. Conservative media and the GOP blame him for the midterm failures due to the candidates of poor quality he advanced. Although he announced another run for the presidency, his solar return in 2024 does not indicate a year of career success.

The social media company Twitter and its employees were eclipsed. Elon Musk seems to have made it his mission to destroy the company. It is the ultimate Mars retrograde square Neptune story. The blue checkmark was a symbol of legitimacy. Now anyone with $8 can purchase it. This change caused chaos and massive confusion. Impersonation accounts are causing severe damage. Advertisers are bolting to protect brand identity. He also fired half the staff and then tried to hire some back. Recently, he sent a notice giving the leftover employees 24 hours to commit to a Saturnian "extremely hardcore" or get a three months Uranian severance. Hundreds headed for the door. A large part of this transit is the massive layoffs from tech companies. The fiery red planet severs and separates; it is in the air sign Gemini, which rules communication and transportation. Remember, the Celestial Insights podcast is here to assist you with weekly guidance to navigate the chaotic energies like a boss!

I am excited about emerging from the Scorpionic deep waters into the optimistic, freedom-loving, inspired energy of fiery Sagittarius. The New Moon is bountiful! Witty Mercury and friendly Venus are holding hands in this joyful sign. The luminaries meet on the fixed star Toliman, which is associated with storytelling. Plan activities that expand your horizons and bring along fun-loving people. Comedy shows, theatrical plays, and museum visits are great choices. Getting out into nature is also an excellent way to harness this energy.

Some prompts for journaling, oracle cards, or contemplation:

✨ What is one long-range goal to expand my horizons? How will I measure success at the first quarter Sagittarius Moon on August 24, 2023?

🪀 Where do I excessively expend energy, resources, or time? How can I moderate this tendency?

😊 What is your relationship with adventure? How can you bring more spontaneity to your life?

🎵 The song of the New Moon is Freedom by George Michael.

Sagittarius also governs peace of mind, serendipity, and spiritual seeking. It was a pleasure to be interviewed by internationally-known psychic and spiritual mentor Shannon Walbran for her free You Are Guided to Divine masterclass. You will receive "rules, tools, and jewels" of divination from gifted women from across the globe. Join us to learn about tuning into your inner wisdom. My interview airs on December 2. Warmly, Celeste


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