Chrysalis and Catharsis

Pluto's transit through earthy Capricorn (2008 – 2024) over-delivered on the promise of structural upheaval. These transformations are paradoxical – hellish, potentially healing, and non-negotiable. Capricorn rules government, big business, authority, and tradition. Pluto transits are devouring and volcanic. Things burn down to the studs before rebuilding can begin. Stuff hidden in the shadows comes to light.

For the USA, an additional layer exists because we are in our first Pluto return. This planet resides in our natal chart at 27º Capricorn in the second house values and resources (money). The Lord of the Underworld is grinding on its natal location. February 20 was the first hit and coincided with the Russian war against Ukraine. For the first time in decades, the Russian threat of nuclear annihilation is back in the news. Atomic weapons were invented concurrently with the planet's discovery.

July 11 is the second time Pluto will trample the terrain. This time it's in reverse during the retrograde phase. The conservative majority on the Supreme Court plans to use the legal system to drag us backward. Roe v. Wade's demolition is step one. Limits on contraceptive choices and eliminating gay marriage are likely next on the chopping block. Government surveillance and control of sexual activity are also on-brand for this transit. The economic shifts include runaway inflation, steep increases in interest rates, and the stock market in free fall. Sunlight is the best disinfectant. As the January 6th Congressional committee examines the events leading up to the first non- peaceful power transfer in our nation's history, it feels like democracy is hanging on by a thread. Will the 40% that skip voting course correct and stop the train to authoritarianism?

December 28's final hit invites psychological integration. However, the unraveling will continue until Pluto entirely leaves Capricorn for Aquarius on January 21, 2024. Just in time for the next Presidential inauguration. 😱 Pluto returns repeat every 248 years often signal the decay and decline of empires. Afterward, there is an opportunity for a renaissance. Will we butterfly or cockroach? The choice is ours.

Listen to the Celestial Insights podcast for additional thoughts on this topic.

The Full Moon activates Pluto. What cosmic synchronicity! The Capricorn Moon illuminates our relationship to authority, personal goals, and ambitions. The Cancer Sun spotlights the emotional topic of what we need to feel safe and secure. In our efforts, are we overprotective and fearful? Also, how we respond to authoritarian control. Are we empowered to initiate change or feel paralyzed and powerless? The Sun is in a smooth trine with Neptune, the planet of spirituality. Can you have the confidence and trust to still take risks for your expansion despite the chaos around us?

Capricorn's high road energy is responsible, diligent, and persevering. The low road includes workaholicism, materialism, and inconsideration. Consider these topics during your ritual.

Prompts for journaling, oracle card spreads, and contemplation:

🥅 Think back to the start of this lunar gestational family; the Capricorn New Moon of January 2021. Are you happy with your progress in building your legacy? Is your career trajectory on the right path?

😌 Lighten your burdens. What duties and obligations can you delegate or release?

🤞🏾 Do you honor your commitments and complete what you start? If not, why not? What will you change?

🎵 The song of the Full Moon is "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor.

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With love and light,


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