Why Invest in an Astrology Reading?


An astrology reading explores your natal chart - a snapshot of where the planets were at the time of your birth. The chart is an owner’s guide to a deeper awareness of your personality, life lessons, and karmic story.

Each chart has an echo, a key message about your soul’s evolution as you journey through this life.  It is common to feel a natal reading is the first time you are truly seen. It will help you understand your internal wiring, uncover hidden talents, illuminate subconscious needs, detail your life lessons, and discover your soul’s purpose.

Astrology is a flashlight. The planets are always orbiting and activating our charts. This ancient system provides guidance on what areas of our lives are going to be in focus. A natal reading includes an energetic “weather” report which details whether you may need sunscreen or an umbrella. The knowledge will help you to make informed choices on your path forward.

A New Beginnings reading is ideal at the start of the year, your birthday, or if you just need guidance.  A Closing Chapters reading will help you explore and process endings.

I blend esoteric, traditional, modern, and evolutionary techniques in my practice.  My areas of expertise include the 4 elements, Moon cycles, transits, secondary progressions, solar returns, and profections.

No matter where you are in life’s journey, a reading from me will provide you new insights into your past and what lies ahead.   Book a reading today!

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