A Fine Balance

This lunation at 26º Libra on April 16 at 11:54am PT invites us to reflect on how we balance our actions for self-fulfillment vs. nurturing relationships. Consider whether people-pleasing and the desire for approval prevent your authentic self- expression. On the flip side, are you being too self-focused or impulsive in your responses?

For myself, I had a realization that my new and full moon videos were too time-consuming. I hate to disappoint my community, but I will expend my energy on a weekly podcast to help you prepare for the energies of the week instead. You can find the Celestial Insights podcast anywhere you listen. Please follow and share with any friends who enjoy astrology.

This Full Moon is a beauty and a beast. I suggest leaning into the creative, imaginative, and lovely aspects. The Jupiter Neptune conjunction still invites us to dream big and have an optimistic viewpoint. Avoid burning relationships to the ground with impulsive, petty, or emotional reactions. Seek harmony. Do you want to win or be happy?

Libra rules more than beauty and love relationships. It also governs our social behavior and connections. One of the shadows of Libra is a focus on superficial appearances rather than what really matters. The Full Moon’s activation of Pluto can assist with the examination of feelings we would rather disown.

Think back to the start of this lunar gestational family; the Libra New Moon from October 2020. How will you do you? How has your behavior in social circles changed? Have you allowed the desire for admiration prevent you from pursuing your passions or stifle your authenticity? The Aries Libra polarity offers an opportunity to shed that old skin and phoenix. Forget the Joneses.

This air sign beckons us to open our journals. Accept the invitation to put words to your emotions. You can also use these prompts for journaling, oracle cards, or tarot spreads.

If you are struggling with an interpersonal conflict, a horary astrology reading could provide a new perspective. You ask a question, and I cast a chart for the moment the question is “born.” No birth time is needed. Book your reading here.

With love and light,


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