A 20 Year Cycle Begins. Reimagine Your Life and Prepare to Take Flight!


Jupiter (the Guru) and Saturn (the Authority) are meeting in the airy sign of Aquarius on Dec 21, 2020, at 10:20 AM setting off new 20, 200, and 800 year cycles. The Great Conjunction is a turning point for cultures and economies. Jupiter calls for the expansion of ideas and Saturn brings the structure to crystallize them into form. We still have some rough months ahead but the vaccine is the light at the end of the tunnel. Remember its always darkest before dawn, avoid negative thinking. Understand your why and reimagine your life post COVID.

After every pandemic, there is a renaissance. Aquarius is an air sign which rules innovation. We will see new technical advancements coming at the speed of light. Many brick and mortar stores will not be replaced as we move more and more online. It will be important to find new ways to maintain community as we continue to social distance until COVID-19 is under control. Aquarius is a sign of extremes. It represents the collective and individual vision. The Humanitarian and The Rebel. The Revolutionary is one of the archetypes that will be on display in 2021. I expect we will see conflicts between groups and institutionalized power structures as we move through the year. Uranus plays a big part in 2021 so expect the unexpected.

 The water bearer is an air sign with water symbology. The key to surf the tsunami of energy in 2021 is to keep a connection between the heart and the mind. Water and Air. Nurture resiliency and prioritize self-care. The energy will bring rebirth into the area of your life that it activates. Big opportunities are available if you put in the work. It's a great time to learn new skills.

Approach 2021 with a beginner mindset. Did your experience of 2020 shift your values? What are your deepest desires? How do you want to expand? Take some time this week to reconnect with yourself with a spirit of optimism and growth. Prepare to take flight!


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