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Astrology by Celeste offers personal readings, coaching, group events and classes to guide people to higher levels of fulfillment.

Personal Readings

Get guidance on what to focus on now and tomorrow for career, love, and your life purpose.


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Treat guests at your next celebration to fun, personalized and interactive astrology readings.



Learn astrology basics to advanced Moon Mastery™ through courses and workshops.


Leo New Moon Workshop

Setting intentions with the Moon cycles is one of the most powerful ways to achieve your goals. The Moon Mastery™ workshops are interactive, and participants may have an opportunity to receive Celeste’s hot takes on your chart.  Reserve your spot now as seating is limited.

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Celeste Brooks is an Astrologer, Intuitive, and Coach

She went from corporate to cosmic. Her grounded and practical approach guides her clients to expand their vision and manifest their goals.

Celeste applied astrology to deepen her understanding of herself, connect more authentically with loved ones and find her purpose. Astrology has guided her to be healthier, be happier, work smarter, and manifest early retirement.
Working with the cycles of the moon transformed her life. Now, Celeste packages her approach to the esoteric science as Moon Mastery™ to help others succeed. Applying her professional sales and business experience with her astrological knowledge, she helps people expand their lives, ignite their passion, and find their purpose.


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Ashley C.

"Celeste never ceases to amaze me. Her knowledge and skill set combined with her ability to explain things in a relatable way makes it easy to trust her guidance and understand the message. I asked Celeste a very specific question about a life event. She was able to use her Horary Astrology skills to cast a chart and let me know what she saw unfolding. Without her guidance, I may not have been as patient, and it may have led to a different outcome. I can't thank Celeste enough for her insight and guidance. Few people both have a gift and ARE a gift. Celeste is just that."

Guidance for Cancer Season

The Sun's ingress into the sign of Cancer on June 21 marks the summer solstice and is always bittersweet. It is the longest day of the year for those in the northern hemisphere. We joyfully celebrate its arrival but realize we lose a little light each coming day. Nostalgia will soon emerge. No wonder this water sign rules the areas of the home, family, and our private inner world. Water signs speak in emotions rather than words. Mercury is currently at home in the airy Gemini. Consider journaling to connect your heart and intellect.

Focus on what you want to nurture and grow at the Cancer New Moon on June 28. The luminaries are animatedly speaking with Jupiter, the planet of abundance, currently transversing confident and courageous Aries. Be optimistic and set challenging stretch goals. Consider Seasonal Success Coaching with Celeste if you need guidance and accountability.                                                                                                                                                                                     
The Capricorn Full Moon on July 13 is intense. Pluto, the planet of non-negotiable uncomfortable transformations, is part of the conversation. The luminaries are inflow with sensitive Neptune in watery Pisces, so emotions may run high. Remember to put your oxygen mask on first and take good care of yourself. Also, be compassionate and forgiving with others.

The Celestial Insights podcast provides weekly guidance to help you surf the cosmic energies like a boss!

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Kerrin G. 

Seattle, WA

"Celeste’s insights and knowledge of Astrology amazes me. Using my birth chart, she was able to identify my pattern of decision making that makes so much sense, but was not something I had ever considered. This one insight will change how I navigate both big and the small decisions.

Celeste is generous with her knowledge, is kind, encouraging and compassionate ~ and all of that shows up in her readings and teachings. No matter what your level of Astrological understanding is, Celeste will help deepen that knowledge and you will not be disappointed."