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Astrology Guidance and Life Coaching



Astrology by Celeste offers coaching, classes, personal readings, and group events to guide people to higher levels of fulfillment.

Readings & Coaching

Get guidance on what to focus on now and tomorrow for career, love, and your life purpose.


Group Events

Treat guests at your next celebration to fun, personalized and interactive astrology readings.



Learn astrology basics to advanced Moon Mastery‚ĄĘ through courses and workshops.


Monthly New Moon Workshops:

Setting intentions with the Moon cycles is one of the most powerful ways to manifest joy and achieve your goals. Celeste hosts monthly workshops on Zoom to help you map your course in sync with your natal chart. Participants who join live may receive a mini astrology reading.

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From Corporate to Cosmic

Expand your vision and manifest your goals with Celeste’s practical approach to astrology.

In her own life, Celeste has used astrology to deepen her understanding of herself, remain authentically connected to loved ones, and work towards her life’s true purpose. Her connection to the cosmos has led her to a happier, healthier life and enabled her to retire early from a successful corporate career.

You can transform your life too.

Using her understanding of the cycles of the Moon, Celeste offers readings, teachings, and more designed to help you succeed. Unlock your cosmic design today to expand your life, ignite your passions and live your purpose tomorrow.

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Add your name to our subscription list for timely guidance on lunar cycles and other astrological events. When you sign up, you will receive Celeste's Intention Setting with the Moon E-book which includes worksheets for the Cancer, Leo, and Virgo lunations of 2024.

Ashley C.

"Celeste never ceases to amaze me. Her knowledge and skill set combined with her ability to explain things in a relatable way makes it easy to trust her guidance and understand the message. I asked Celeste a very specific question about a life event. She was able to use her Horary Astrology skills to cast a chart and let me know what she saw unfolding. Without her guidance, I may not have been as patient, and it may have led to a different outcome. I can't thank Celeste enough for her insight and guidance. Few people both have a gift and ARE a gift. Celeste is just that."

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Kerrin G. 

Seattle, WA

"Celeste’s insights and knowledge of Astrology amazes me. Using my birth chart, she was able to identify my pattern of decision making that makes so much sense, but was not something I had ever considered. This one insight will change how I navigate both big and the small decisions.

Celeste is generous with her knowledge, is kind, encouraging and compassionate ~ and all of that shows up in her readings and teachings. No matter what your level of Astrological understanding is, Celeste will help deepen that knowledge and you will not be disappointed."